2018 Renewal Survey
We hope you enjoyed your experience with Youth on Course in 2017. 
Your responses to this survey will help us make the program even better.
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This is required, if you want to be eligible to win a raffle for one of these three prizes: 
- Adidas Golf Shoes of your choice
- $100 Apple Store gift card
- GoPro Hero Session
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Which Youth on Course program, outside of affordable rounds, are you most interested in? *

Please rate your experience when using the Youth on Course website on a scale from 1-5, 5 being the absolute best. *

Youth on Course's core purpose is to provide youth with access to life-changing opportunities through golf. If Youth on Course has changed your life, we'd love to hear how.

Are there any ways we can improve your YOC experience?

Thank you for participating in the survey!
We encourage you to check out our course map often to find more courses to play and when Youth on Course rates are available.